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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  September 3, 2016 11:30pm-12:06am EDT

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next, the home opener on espn2. and that visit to oxford. the last couple times, rebels have gotten them. that's a game on the 17th. and then, saban's alma mater, kentucky. back-to-back road games against arkansas and tennessee. visit lsu. circle that one, november 5th, though, the tigers a little bit deflated already, with a loss. >> kirk: before we watched any games being played, i had alabama winning the west and getting to atlanta, winning the s.e.c. championship and getting into the playoff. actually getting to the national title. you look at that schedule, after what we've watched this -- it's only week one, but after what we've watched -- i mean, they -- they look really good. they look like they're going to just kind of continue to take off where they were last year and potentially -- i think they're going to be as good, if not better defensively, because i they they're going to be faster. i think some of the secondary
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jalen hurts is potentially an x factor, with what he can do in running this offense. his ability to throw and run. they have four running backs that they can use. the line's only going to get better week after week. they're going to be a tough out. >> chris: burnett takes a turn at punt returner. he's got a little room. that's out near midfield. what do you make of the s.e.c.? there were certainly some lows. >> kirk: well, arkansas came back and won that, by a point. >> chris: mississippi state missing that chip shot at the end. >> kirk: georgia, that's a great win over north carolina. wisconsin outplayed lsu most of that game and deserved to win. west virginia ends up beating missouri. florida with a win. a&m in overtime that was a great win over ucla. it's not -- that doesn't include
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gait game on thursday night, which wasn't a strong performance by the s.e.c. >> chris: auburn's defense doing a strong job against clemson, but still down by ten against the clemson tigers. and then you have ole miss against florida state, underdogs the game monday. usc with a toughest rated schedule in the country, says the fpi. we're going to see them up on the farm in palo alto. the conference opener. they play the three toughest teams from the north division. two of them on the road. th and the home finale against notre dame. >> kirk: when you include alabama in the nine games they play in the pac-12, they're going to end up playing one of the toughest schedules in the country. that's why it was so important, chris, to come into this game, for clay helton to get his team to hit some adversity and fight through it. not let this game get away g you because there's so much more for
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they missed out on that opportunity after competing early in the game, obviously, this thing has gotten away. >> chris: dominique davis gets a turn. this will not be, apparently, the worst loss in usc history. that was back in '66, a 51-0 loss to notre dame, but it is one of the worst, and mercifully, for them, it's in the final minute. the ford wrapup coming up after the game with what's the headline going to be, hurts so good, for the offensive line? or all about the defense? >> kirk: i would think you got to talk about the freshman quarterback, i mean, the defense is a staple and they looked great tonight, but jalen hurts, and some of the plays that he came up with, probably got to be a big story, don't you think? >> chris: quarterback keeper.
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then, the s.e.c. and alabama punched back in a big way. saban will still have work to do, he'll tell you, lots of improvement is needed, but jalen hurts, his debut, the true freshman, spectacular. and lane kiffin calling plays against his former school, enjoyed just about every minute of this.
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>> chris: big debut for jalen hurts. tide defense holding the trojans to just 194 yards. let's get saban's reaction down with samantha. >> samantha: coach, big night for your freshman quarterback that didn't even start the game. so, do you think jalen did enough tonight to earn that role, to be the guy for you? >> well, you know, he did a nice job tonight. i'm not sure we don't have a couple guys that can play quarterback, and i said, whatever the decision we made
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it was for now. we started another guy, he come in and played well. you know, if we can build with that, then we'll do that. but i think the focus for our team, our quarterbacks and everybody else, needs to be on improvement. i thought we played sloppy at times, made a lot of big plays, but we have to be more consistent in our execution. especially on offense. so, we got a lot of work to do. >> samantha: i know at halftime you talked to me about blocking. is that the main concern offensively? >> we didn't get started very we didn't control the line of scrimmage in the beginning of the game. one first down in the first quarter. so, you know, i know it looks like, 52-6, everybody's happy, i'm happy we won the game. i think southern cal has a good team. but i also think we have a lot of work to do. >> samantha: bama fans are happy to hear that. coach, congratulations. you can enjoy it a little bit, though. >> chris: we knew he'd be a tough grader. 12 yards given up after the
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start. ran for 242, throwing for 223. >> kirk: they were sloppy tonight. a lot of work to do. clean some things up. they won 52-6, but in reality, first game, they were slow out of the gate. trying to figure out if blake barnett was going be the guy. they finally went to hurts and took advantage of some opportunities. the game flipped. and just like that, went from being a close game, sc playing with some passion, to alabama taking control of the gamep 17-3 and really that was it. >> chris: the reason why saban is guarded, it was one game. we're not sure what sc was going to be. they lost six games a year ago. they had high hopes. this may not look -- >> kirk: he's going to down play it, of course. and he's got ole miss in two weeks. a team that he's lost to two straight years. that's the laser focus right now. >> chris: alabama a little slow out of the gate and then began throwing hay makers and it was
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early in the third quarter. tide looking very much like a number one-ranked team. tonight's game here was produced by bill minnow. next saturday, saturday night football will be at the bristol motor speedway, as virginia tech takes on tennessee. that's a wrap for now, but the ford wrapup show is coming up next, so, let's g hubbarth right now for that. thanks, chris. welcome to the ford wrapup. the 2016 college football season certainly knows how to make a good first impression. and if you are into upsets, then, it's certainly living up to the title as the greatest opening weekend ever. ever ever? ever ever. that is, unless, you're an lsu fan. brandon harris, with one of his two interceptions. this one, in the final minute.
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because of that late hit. wisconsin hands lsu their first nonconference regular season loss in the les miles era. and number five goes down, so does number three. oklahoma. attempting the 53-yard field goal, short. brandon wilson brings it out of the end zone, and he is gone. for a kick six. number 15, houston, with its first win over an a.p. top three team since 1984. the cougars now 4-0s number 1tcu ta3 tcu taking south dakota state. tcu up 52-41. also in progress, number two clemson, taking on auburn. late third quarter. auburn down 13-3. jeremi johnson, stuffed behind the line. fumbles it. clemson recovers. they are up 13-3 in the third. this game on espn. number 16 ucla visiting
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his second career game with multiple rushing tds. ucla, down to their last play. josh rosen's pass broken up and so is the comeback attempt. aggies beat ucla. speaking of comebacks. georgia georgia/unc. nick chubb rushes for 222 yards. kirby smart wins his first game as georgia's head coach. 33-24. the final. j.t. this year. and he put on a show. responsible for a school record seven tds, as ohio state puts up 77 and a school record 776 total yards in their win over bowling green. michigan showed no mercy to hawaii. chris evans taking it to the house. 43 yards s for the score. michigan wins it 63-3. elsewhere, across college
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john saunders, upsetting northwestern, 22-21. also, richmond upsetting virginia, and south alabama beating mississippi state. mississippi state blew a 17-0 halftime lead at south alabama. oh, and we're not done yet. sunday night, 7:30 eastern, number ten, notre dame, at texas on abc. and then, monday, as if we didn't have enough goodness, on taking on number 4, florida state. you've been watching the ford y wrapup, presented by the 2016 ford escape. be unstoppable. ? i'm free to do what i want and have a good time. ? just announced! 0% financing plus $500 labor day cash across the entire 2016 ford lineup. and specially tagged vehicles get an extra $1000 smart bonus cash. freedom from interest...
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>> wcvb newscenter five at 11:00 starts now. reid: as the storm gather strength. a tropical storm watch now stretches to the cape and the islands. when you should expect rain and gusty winds. manhunt on a holiday weekend. >> he went in the house, then came out with a knife and stabbed his own son. reid: the search for a sturbridge man who also stabbed himself. >> when i was born they told me i wouldn't be able to walk. now i'm playing football. reid: how a teenager with two prosthetic legs won a spot on
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the storm spinning off the coast of the mid-atlantic right now. after pounding the carolinas and the virginia coast line. tonight the storm is gaining strength. good to have you with us tonight. i'm reid lamberty. there is now a tropical storm watch for the coastal waters of cape cod and the islands as we wait to see what hermine will do next. let's begin with mike wankum tracking it all in the weather center. mike: very interesting storm. a post-tropical cyclongh characteristics. there is the center of it, but the energy has expanded over a very large area. mostly showers and thunderstorms to the north. where will the center go? that's the big question. by tomorrow, we are talking about this coming back to hurricane strength, but it has lost tropical characteristics, so think of it more as a strong nor'easter forming to the south of us. this will track its way well offshore, but that's not going
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tuesday and wednesday. so the real impact is not flooding or heavy rain, but the rough surf, primarily on south-facing coasts sunday night into monday. here's what we have to watch, a tropical storm watch for the cape and the islands, and coastal rhode island as well. if you go offshore, there's a tropical storm warning, where the wind will be much stronger. this doesn't get going until tomorrow night, but it the rough surf, rip current risk, a problem if you are going to the beach tomorrow. rain and wind along the south coast moving in tomorrow. i have an exact time when on the rain and winds and wendy will be strongest, coming up in a few moments. reid: there have already been two deaths connected to hermine, and thousands of people are now dealing with the clean up in the aftermath of the storm. reporter adrienne bankert with the latest on hermine.
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hurricane force, but it is barking up the eastern seaboard as a powerful post-tropical cyclone, triggering alerts from north carolina to new england. hermine's 60 mile an hour winds are strong enough to sheer metal from the side of this truck, and pulled the street from the earth -- the tree from the earth. >> everything went up from the ground. adrienne: along the east coast, sandbags were as close as some got to the shore. they were handing them out in new jersey as the surf and the wind picked up. the boardwalk was packed as some tried to salvage one last gasp of summer. >> everyone is pretending there is not a tropical storm coming. we are in denial. adrienne: hermine left behind a trail of destruction, forcing thousands to make do without electricity. >> we have cold water.
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flooded mobile home park had to be rescued by boat. >> it is frustrating, especially when you feel trapped and there is no power. >> i have had more than enough. adrienne: is expected to get stronger as it sweeps north on sunday. expect storm surges of three to five feet at high tide and significant coastal flooding and beach erosion in some areas. reid: for a lot of folks on cape h should i stay or should i go? diane cho has the story from falmouth. diane: many we talked to today say they will probably cut their trip to the beach short as the storm continues to make its way north. he would loved to have stayed out on his trip longer, but decided to make it a quick trip after seeing the forecast. >> i saw it would be windy tomorrow. even if the storm didn't get here, that is enough to keep us in.
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to soak up the sun. >> we are heading out early tomorrow, because the weather doesn't sound that much fun around here, so we will get out. >> we were going to go to the beach and hang out. it's a little bit of a bomber. diane: as hermine makes its way up the coast, it is expected to impact the area for several days. >> we are not writing it out, but -- riding it out, but seeing what is coming our way, and getting out he what mother nature brings, they are not going anywhere,. >> we are staying. allison is in town for an outdoor wedding tomorrow on martha's vineyard. she says the bridegroom appear and is not worried. >> she's very relaxed. i asked her and she said, i am good to go, whatever happens happens. no plan b. diane: hermine is already causing cancellations for some ferry services to martha's
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website at diane cho, wcvb newscenter 5. reid: amtrak is also making changes to service because of hermine. the northeast regional trains that run from boston to virginia's coast will now stop and start in richmond. trains heading south out of new york will also be stopped before making it all the way to the coast in georgia and florida. of course, you can stay on top of tropical storm hermine all weekend long on our wcvb app, or online at following breaking news at this hour. police are investigating a fatal hit and run accident. investigators are looking for a dark sedan that hit and killed a pedestrian at morton and canterbury streets. police are asking anyone who may have seen anything to give them a call. right now, a two-year-old girl burned after falling into a fire pit. it happened this evening at a
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firefighters say it was an accident. the deputy fire chief says adults at the home acted quickly to stop the burns from becoming worse by placing the girl in a bathtub with cool water. the girl has injuries similar to second and third degree burns. and a manhunt continues in sturbridge tonight. police looking for a man wanted for allegedly stabbing his own teenage son. as newscenter 5's david bienick reports from sturbridge, police say they have good leads in the case. david: she helicopter flew overhead. police from sturbridge and several surrounding towns spent hours looking for 42-year-old brent young, who lived at this house on the vinton wrote with his girlfriend. >> they started getting in more and more arguments. david: the girlfriend's's sister says friday night the arguments escalated and young tried to strangle her until his 16-year-old son and her
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and he ended up going in the house and coming out with a knife and stabbing his own son. david: the sun and the girlfriend went to the hospital. both are expected to survive. police say young went into the woods without a cell phone or food or water, and with a self-inflicted stab wound to the neck. >> does he have any kind of skills to stay in the woods? >> none that i know of. came to this gas station after hearing that young had been spotted here in the predawn hours. >> you don't know if he left by foot or by car? >> we have no idea which direction he went in. david: investigators are now reviewing surveillance video from the gas station to see if that can provide the next clue. reid: police in concord are investigating a deadly crash on main street. the driver was a 59-year-old woman who died at the hospital. her car went off the road at
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police do not believe speed or alcohol was a factor. and a child has died from injuries she suffered at a new hampshire fair. that girl was participating in the white mountains riding club horse show in lancaster when she was thrown from a horse. she was rushed to the hospital, but sadly died from her injuries today. caught on camera, police in portsmouth, new hampshire looking for a man a man seen taking money from a tip jar. take a look. the surveillance video shows the man pick up his food and take gilley's diner. police say it happened on sunday around 10:15 at night. portsmouth police asking anyone who might recognize the man to give them a call. to commitment 2016 coverage now, donald trump taking his campaign directly to african-american voters today. trump attended a service at a church in detroit. he has been under fire for his appeal to minority voters and his focus on problems in the
11:54 pm
economic change. mr. trump: i fully understand the african-american community has suffered from discrimination, and that there are many wrongs that must still be made right. they will be made right. reid: the church says the invitation for trump to speak is not an endorsement. former rival ben carson also joined trump at the service and then took trump on a tour of his old neighborhood in detroit. pence in ohio today. the gop vice-presidential candidate stopping by a tailgate for ohio state university while campaigning. pence now says he plans to release his tax returns in the next week. he made the announcement in an interview with meet the press. pence says trump still plans to release his tax returns when his tax audit is completed. for her part hillary clinton not , on the campaign trail today.
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bernie sanders holds his first solo campaign event for clinton. he will be in lebanon, new hampshire on labor day. and president obama's trip to china off to a bumpy start today. first the president had to use a secondary exit from air force one because there were no stairs on the tarmac. then there was an argument between u.s. and chinese officials about where members of the american media were allowed to stand. all things aside the president , did make it to the g-20 summit where he will be meeting with other world leaders this back here at home cut-down day , for the patriots, as the team trims its roster to the regular-season limit of 53. josh brogadir with a look at the list. not a good list to be on. josh twenty roster cuts today, : reid. and no huge surprises among them, but one quarter of the cuts were the wide receivers. aaron dobson no longer on the roster, the 4th year receiver out of marshall who was a second round pick in 2013, never quite played to expectations.
11:56 pm
catch a preseason touchdown pass for the patriots keshawn martin, , who started 8 games last season and caught 24 balls and 2 touchdowns. he was injured for much of training camp. two draft picks this year were also cut, 6th round linebacker kamu grugier-hill and 7th round receiver devin lucien. others notables, de geneo grissom, crevon leblanc, and running back tyler gaffney, who was injured against the giants. some of these guys could make the practice squad starting tomorrow if they clear waivers. t brady and rob ninkovich could have any team involvement until october 3. reid? >> next on newscenter 5. reid: a papal blessing for a canine hero. how pope francis honored a rescue dog that saved young earthquake victim. mike: and an hour-by-hour breakdown as hermine moves northward. reid: true gridiron great. a high school football player
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prosthetic legs. >> they told me i would not be able to walk, but now i'm playing football. reid: fios is not cable. we're wired differently, which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios. this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in. i know it's in. it's in, but it's not working. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that going to let me see what you're seeing. really? yes, mr. mcenroe... see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right.
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mike: we continue to track hermine, the storm now in the waters of the mid-atlantic. carolina, really punishing the coastlines. tropical storm watches and warnings now extend all the way to cape cod. reid: in minnesota, police say the remains of a little boy kidnapped decades ago, have been found. 11-year-old jacob wetterling was abducted while walking on a rural road near his home in october of 1989. today, remains found in a field in central minnesota were positively identified as jacob's. investigators say a man facing
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he has not been charged, and denies any involvement in the case. in oklahoma, a 5.6 earthquake today struck causing damage to , buildings, but no collapses. you can see some damage. the big crack in these bricks. geophysicists say the hard rock underground in the area around pawnee may have helped protect the area by absorbing the energy. no one was hurt. and the search is on in new york for whoer sculpture of pop star justin bieber's head. state police say a man vandalized the sculpture at the new york state fair thursday night then ran off. bieber is one of several musicians and actors that are part of the sand sculpture honoring the fair's old grandstand. and some inspiration for you tonight, true grit from a high school football player. damon hodges has two prosthetic legs, and he's proved to everyone at his school in youngstown, ohio that he belongs on the gridiron. it did take some convincing.
12:01 am
the roster. >> when i first was born, they told me i wouldn't be able to walk, and now i'm playing football. they told me i couldn't do a lot of things, but i'm doing everything they told me i couldn't do. >> just inspiration. you think you are having a bad day? damon just gets up and does it. reid: we will look to see what he does in the future. someone we can all look up to tonight. in the meantime, taking a look at hermine. their she is, the storm is slowing moving up the coast and expected to get stronger as it spins over the atlantic. let's check in with mike. we have been looking at these models, and it really doesn't resemble a hurricane anymore. mike: it is called a post-tropical cyclone. when it's a hurricane, it is really tight together. it has exploded out, covering a lot more real estate now. in the years passed, the national hurricane center would
12:02 am
after sandy they say, we just have to keep going and issue advisories until the storm clears the coast, which is why you are seeing warnings and watches even though it's technically no longer a tropical storm. what it is is a great big nor'easter sitting out there. so what will happen? by tomorrow night, it is back up to hurricane force, but it will not be referred to as a hurricane, it just has winds that are that strong. then it goes back up the coast, monday night, still with hurricane force tuesday, still a very strong, storm, and then thursday finally diminishes over the cool water. high pressure to the north will kind of squeeze it in this direction, which is why you will see it give us a couple batches of strong wind. we have warnings up and down the coast, and we have this watch now, a tropical storm watch. the coastal areas, the cape, the islands, coastal rhode island as well. that storm system is out there.
12:03 am
stronger? look at water temperatures. we are talking mid-80's. the warmer the water, the more intense the storms can build. in the winter, if the water is warm the nor'easters will really build. waves are 18 to 20 feet. today the seas were flat, nothing going on, but tomorrow you will see waves building, and they will get stronger and stronger. let's talk about what is happening with the wind. here's how the map looks at 8:00 monday night. kind of settled the wind down just a little bit, but the winds might give us a second batch. one tomorrow night into monday morning, in the second one tuesday as it gets closer to the coast. most of this is the south coast and the cape areas, with 3259 our gusts. inland they will be more -- 3250 mile an hour gusts. inland they will be more 15 to
12:04 am
quite weather, with sunshine giving way to clouds, and in the rain moves in. the type of rain we are talking about is not a gentle rain. it is a band of showers, and then another band of showers. this is the way the map looks at 1:00. this might be the first batch approaching the boston area, working its way through. several bands through monday, tuesday, possibly even wednesday before this is all over with. so most rain will be out toward the cape and the islands, two inches of rain. if you are away from the storm, you will not get much out of it. not much wind, not much rain. most of us won't see as much rain as we would like to, as the storm system moves on through. the hottest it will be over the next seven days, watching the tropics to see what's going on -- we have hermine, and as far as wind and showers on monday giving way to the second batch of rain along the south coast area. tomorrow, i want to point out,
12:05 am
on south facing coastal areas. , wednesday still showers around, 80 degrees. it finally clears out thursday, but it is a muggy 84 degrees, setting up the possibility of isolated thunderstorms on friday, which have nothing to do with this storm. typical summertime forecast, with afternoon thunderstorms and humidity. reid: coming up, honoring the heroes who saved lives in the italian hq welcoming members of the search crew to vatican city today, but one member of the team stole the spotlight. and we will keep our eyes on hermine, now spinning off the


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